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By NicolaSwan | Consciousness

Jun 05

The Game of Life and Personal Evolution

Each person’s Game of Life is uniquely played through their specific lens and blend of personality, experience, challenge and triumph. We are rapidly discovering in this age of transformation and quantum evolution, that the world-view, beliefs and values-system that we were brought up on – are neither valid nor fit-for-purpose. This applies to pretty much every area of the social wheel – the sectors of health-care, education, politics, economics, business and so on. They all in the midst of a breaking down of old, out-moded paradigms which are no longer working. And like the fabled phoenix from the ashes they are actively being replaced by an emergent culture based on core values of truth, justice, love and compassion.

There is a growing set of new values in the world, based on stewardship and love for our beloved Mother Earth, as well as for one another. Because, although our mainstream media and so-called ‘news’ brings us all manner of horrors, we have only to look at social media and the myriad springs of hope and goodwill around the planet, to know that the Light and Love that we truly are continue to burn ever more brightly.

And while modern paradigms shift and change, ancient wisdom provides the eternal truths, such as the maxim: ‘As above, so below’. This means that whatever exists at one level of creation, the same also exists, and is reflected, within the other levels.

So you and I for example, as individuals, are each a reflection of the processes that are going on in the larger social body of humanity. Humanity as a whole is shedding old belief patterns and ways of relating and communicating with one another, just as we are doing in our own lives – whether we are aware of it yet or not. It can be a messy and painful process before the light finally dawns on our own consciousness and our personal (and Global) horizons, but as we know, it is always darkest before the dawn. And the dawn always comes in the end.

What is clear, is that the winds of change are blowing fresh life into all of us. They may be whipping up a storm in your life right now. But just hang in there and trust in the process. We human beings are in the midst of a marvellous evolution on this planet and it is quite the rollercoaster ride. Mercifully, all of it is happening with the loving support of the benevolent Intelligent Universe in and through which we live. Everything we experience is happening specifically for our Highest Divine Good, in accordance with the Divine Plan of our lives. The key to riding the waves of this new Energy is to trust in the process, and know that you are exactly where you need to be in every moment, because everything on your journey is a Divinely orchestrated reflection of your bespoke curriculum on Earth School!

Support for your journey is always available – both on and off planet. If you would like help in accessing either of these resources – through healing, meditation or vibrational essences ( Bach Flower and Inner Child Essences), I am here to hear you! Just give me a call or visit: nicolaswan.com

With blessings on your journey.

Nicola Swan

Eternal Light Healer, registered Teacher of Gaia Healing,

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