Catching Butterflies (A Habit Worth Cultivating)

By NicolaSwan | Positive Thinking

Jun 05

Catching Butterflies (A habit worth cultivating)

Just as the saying goes ‘All roads lead to Rome’

So all personal journeys in the Game of Life, ultimately lead back to Source, the Divine Creator from which we came. This is Divine Law: – every created thing eventually returns to its creator. And this why we have to be so vigilant of our thought creations. Each thought is created in form on the etheric planes of existence, and sooner or later that thought (in the form of words or experience) will boomerang back to you.

So it is pretty important for our wellbeing to think positive thoughts, and be grateful for our experience even when this seems like the hardest thing. Whatever hardships we go through, there is always a learning to be had from it. Some unforeseen benefit in our life, as the experience brings us exactly the teaching we need for our soul’s growth and to lead a happier, more fulfilled and authentic life.

Cultivating positive thinking takes some practise of course. We have all experienced a head full of negative, critical and self-sabotaging thoughts that really don’t reflect who we truly are. When this happens, consider it an opportunity NOT to judge yourself. Instead, be the wise parent-self, who playfully observes the error in the innocent child, and creatively reframes the negative phrase into a positive one.

Catching thoughts is a bit like catching butterflies. The trick is to be very still and quiet. Through a daily practise of stillness, you’ll soon find that racing flurry of the ‘busy-bossy-head’ of noisy thinking has slowed down to something more akin to snowflakes that fall and dissolve, as you watch them come and go.

The butterflies land in the stillness. The mind is calm and aware in the stillness. Before long you will be able to notice your thoughts and thought-patterns as they arise – and you’ll be able to redirect them as they surface. When that starts to happen you have the opportunity of reframing and completing each thought-phrase as an empowered happy ending.​

One of the best pieces of advice I ever put to the test was:

‘Never let a negative thought complete itself in your head’​

And although we wont succeed at first, it is certainly a habit worth cultivating.

With blessings on your journey.

Nicola Swan

Eternal Light Healer, registered Teacher of Gaia Healing,

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