Gaia & The Eternal Light System

"There are 19 distinct frequencies of ‘Rays’ of energy in the Eternal Light System. Each Ray works on specific aspects of the body and human energy field, clearing and releasing ‘stuck’ energies that block our energy circuits"

The Gaia Healing Story

Gaia Healing began as Golden Age Reiki which was introduced and brought through from the Ascended Masters by its founder and original teacher (Reiki Master) Shimara Kumara, in the early nineties.

In 1997, Shimara was given a new Dispensation. Golden Age Reiki was ‘upgraded’ to a higher vibrational frequency. That is, the energy coming through Shimara increased both in frequency and in its healing power. This new energy is known as Gaia Healing and is the basis of a complete healing system of 19 distinct healing energies, called Eternal Light.​

Each of the energies in the Eternal Light System is associated with specific healing properties, and/or aspects of the physical body or human energy field that it works on. The healing frequencies clear and release ‘stuck’ energies that block and hinder the healthy circulation of the vital subtle energies that support health and well-being.​

Consciousness Rising

In these times of rapid change, our planet and our species is experiencing an unprecedented rate of evolution. This is a pivotal time in our history. Our consciousness is rising faster now than ever before. And this is why a higher vibrational healing energy is required, helping us as we move through the transition.

This new healing energy is called Eternal Light, and its foundation is Gaia. Gaia is the foundational frequency – the first of 19 distinct healing energies in this comprehensive healing system, called Eternal Light.Dramatic changes are occurring within ourselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually. In our external world in all spheres of life from technology to health, to education and the environment the speed of change is beyond anything we have had to cope with before.

In addition the energetic changes occurring on a cosmic level are also catalysing changes in the Earth and in our physical bodies. The enormous challenges presented to us as individuals trying to adapt and ‘keep up’ under such conditions, are precisely why Gaia Healing has been given to us now.

A course of Gaia healing restores energy as it releases many sub-conscious fears. Gaia restores balance and brings a depth of peace and calm you may not have experienced in a long time. Whatever challenges you may be facing now, Gaia can help you find the strength to transition smoothly, as you tap into your own potential for new possibilities in your life.

Letting Go of the Old Energies

The power of Gaia Healing to relieve suffering, transform and release limiting patterns and conditions from the body and the emotional/mental bodies is amazing. In fact, the word ‘amazing’ is the one I hear most often from new clients as they awaken from their first Gaia healing experience.

I am passionate about putting Gaia Healing on the map, in our local community and beyond. Gaia Healing deserves to becomes known and recognized as the wonderful therapy it is – and people need to know about it.

I see Gaia healing as an important tool for releasing painful and limiting patterns. It is also a fastest means I know of for raising a person’s level of consciousness. Gaia is form of conscious evolution that takes us forward more quickly than many other forms of healing, especially when combined with supportive diet, lifestyle and spiritual practice. Such practice may be as simple as taking a few minutes each day in quiet contemplation. In stillness. Or it may a more structured practise, within a group or following a guided meditation. ( see CDs, resonance and meditation classes)

Conscious Evolution: Evolution by choice – not just by chance

The conscious choices we make each day, moment by moment, with every decision, thought, feeling and utterance we make; everything we take into ourselves – food, feelings or beliefs – all these things affect our vibrational frequency and hence our capacity to experience of love and joy in our lives. Simply put, the higher our vibrational frequency, the freer we are from the lower vibrational emotions that hold us back from our essence of love and joy.

I am here to support people in making conscious choices that empower them to live their greatest potential, free from the bondage of fear and out-moded beliefs that have held sway for too long.

It is time for a new beginning! Are you ready to:

Let go, Live Lightly and Shine?

Gaia Healing with Nicola Swan

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Deeply relax, recharge and rebalance: 90 minutes of dedicated ‘Me Time’

Also a perfect way to start if you're new to healing!

Programs for Deep Healing

Make a commitment to positive change for you

Each session builds upon the last to bring profound and lasting relief.

Wonderful Workshops

Learn how to give yourself healing and others healing on this day of attunement into the Gaia healing frequency

Martina (6 Treatments)

"Before receiving Gaia, I was very low, I suffered from anxiety and had painful circulation problems. Now I feel much calmer; the pain in my legs has completely gone and I am enjoying life much more."

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