Sessions with Nicola

It’s really important to get support for YOU – especially if you’re dealing with some kind of emotional or physical challenge.  Don’t under estimate the value of giving yourself some 'you' time in the hands of someone who is dedicating that time to your wellbeing. We all need a helping hand sometimes, so go ahead and give yourself a 'treat' session, or make a commitment to the deep healing that's being asked for, with Nicola's 6 Session Program.

Treat Session

Treat Session

Deeply relax, recharge and rebalance

90 minutes of dedicated ‘Me Time’

You will emerge from this blissful ‘dreamtime’ feeling refreshed, energised and better equipped to embrace the ups and downs of your day to day life.

Your Treat for only £65

Call to book an appointment: 07753 563043

Programs For Deep Healing

A commitment to positive change for you

Six 90-minute sessions, over 6-8 weeks

Taken at regular intervals, these gentle yet powerful healing sessions keep the energy flowing for continuous progress. This means each healing session builds upon the work of the previous one, often resulting in profound and lasting relief from entrenched mental or emotional patterns or painful conditions – physical or emotional..

Your Deep Healing Program for only £333

Call to book your program: 07753 563043

Treat Session

This Program Comes with 2 Supportive Bonuses!

Bonus 1 - Two Healing Remedies

The program includes a Bach Flower remedy consultation and 2 free combination bottles which I will make up for you accordingly. The flower remedies will be a perfect support during your deep healing journey.

Value £50 (Free as part of your Deep Healing Program)

Bonus 2 - Inner Child Reading

An Inner Child card reading will be available at no extra charge, though the Inner Child remedies can also be ordered if needed. This is a perfect opportunity for some self reflection and Nicola will text you an affirmation which comes from the reading.

Value £25 (Free as part of your Deep Healing Program)

Call for more info and to book your program: 07753 563043

Martina (6 Treatments)

"Before receiving Gaia, I was very low, I suffered from anxiety and had painful circulation problems. Now I feel much calmer; the pain in my legs has completely gone and I am enjoying life much more."

How Can Gaia Energy Help Me?

Gaia relieves...

  • Physical aches and pains
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Low energy
  • Emotional imbalance

A single treatment of Gaia Energy is deeply relaxing. After your treatment you may feel more tired as you will be releasing toxins from your body. However, within 24 hours you should feel significantly better. Everyone experiences the energies differently, but most have the following in common:

  • Feeling very peaceful
  • Having more energy
  • Experiencing less pain
  • Feeling happier and more centred