About Nicola

Nicola has 20 years experience in healing and massage. She discovered her natural gift for body work in her teens and, later, as a young mother, she trained formally in anatomy, physiology and massage.

Her meeting with Shimara in 1995 proved highly significant - ultimately leading to years of training, mentorship and spiritual growth.

With 5 children, Nicola is familiar with the challenges and inner conflicts associated with motherhood. She participated in various parent support groups and then became a facilitator of them. Gaia Healing has been an invaluable source of inner strength during the tough times. Never more than when caring for her husband during his throat cancer - the healing seemed to be all there was to alleviate his suffering when the drug regime made him so ill.

In 2014 Nicola accepted a rare invitation from Shimara to receive the initiations and training and become a registered teacher of Gaia Healing. The required case studies confirmed to her beyond all doubt the power of those energies to relieve all kinds of physical, emotional and mental pain.

She has a scientific background and is passionate about raising awareness of the real causes of dis-ease, which are inevitably held at the energetic level.

Martina (6 Treatments)

"Before receiving Gaia, I was very low, I suffered from anxiety and had painful circulation problems. Now I feel much calmer; the pain in my legs has completely gone and I am enjoying life much more."