3 Tips For Loving Yourself (and a love poem)

By NicolaSwan | Self Love

Jun 05

3 Tips For Loving Yourself (and a love poem)

The clarion call to Light workers everywhere is to:

  • Heal the wounds of separation
  • Balance the Masculine and Feminine aspects of ourselves
  • To love ourselves unconditionally:

How can we love ourselves unconditionally?


Rid yourself of the notion that such a task is difficult or even impossible. This limiting belief is merely a device of our ego (bless it) to prevent us even going there.


Know that you are a Divine Aspect of God. This is Truth. We all resonate with Truth.


Be courageous! Make that journey from the separated fearful small self identity (your inner child) - to the absolute certainty, knowing and identity of your Soul-Self or Higher Self as God in action through you.

Our task now - is to align our will with what God wills for us. And to do this we need to set the intention to do so, and ASK for it to be so.

Reach Into Your Heart (A poem for self-love)

Stop. Be still. Calm your mind
This is how you can be kind
To weary self, when all around
Noise and clatter and stress abound

Withdraw your focus from such drama
Be wise. Be still; Find your dharma

Listen. Listen. And veils will part
In the sacred temple of your heart
The deepest love you ever knew
Will light the way to the Truth of you
Your eternal spark of divinity
It bears the holy trinity
The 3 fold flame burns hour by hour,
Your Divine point of Wisdom, Love and Power

For within your heart you can always find
Truth. And freedom from the daily grind.

With blessings on your journey.

Nicola Swan

Eternal Light Healer, registered Teacher of Gaia Healing,

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